Project Description

The chipper line is suitable for trunk diameters of 12 to 35 cm and wood lengths of 2.5 to 6.0 m.. The feed speed is 30 to 60 m/min at a drive power of 2 x 48 kW with freely programmable control The system consists of the following components

  • Log feeding
    • 3 strand cross conveyor
    • Equalizer stage and allocator
    • Feed system with hydraulic trunk rotation
  • Lindener PZ-35 chipper with prism holder and trigger table left and right
  • Driven roller conveyor to the re-cutting circular saw
  • Circular resaw EWD Type DKV with 160 mm cutting height
  • Thread roller conveyor for sorting
  • Wood chip conveyor belt under the chipper
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Command cabin with control panel
  • Stairs to the command cabin

The plant is in a very good condition, with new controls, was overhauled in 2002.

Second-hand machine: chipper line
Year of construction: 1998
Manufacturer: Lindner, EWD
Price: On request