Project Description

Log sorting plant with log cutting for log lengths up to 12.0 m

Technical Prescription
The sorting plant consists of a feeding station with 5 chain strands with a length of 8.0 m and two separate drives with 4.0 kW each. A steep equalizer with 5 chain strands, a block hoist with 2 chains with drivers and a length of 16.0 m. The drive power is 5.5 kW, the feed speed is 10 – 60 m/min.

The cutting station is equipped with a chain saw with a drive power of 11 kW and a hydraulic clamping arm.

Tapered roller conveyor with ejector for transfer to the sorting block hoist, length 12.0 m

Sorting block hoist 68.0 m long, 5.5 kW, feed rate 50 m/min

Scratch chain conveyor for removing sawdust and cut-off pieces, approx. 4.0 m long and 1.3 m wide.

The system is equipped with an analogue control system, which is ideally to be renewed.
Second-hand machine: Sorting line with round timber cutting
Year of construction: 1976
Manufacturer: Sänger & Massierer / Holtec