W+D gang sawmill

The W+D gang sawmill system consisting of the cutting system for the production of boards, a dip tank for wood treatment, a power generation system for the self-sufficient power supply of the system and sharpening machines for grinding the saw blades.
Log loading station with 4 chain lines
W+D clamping wagon H-32 with auxiliary wagon H-25-v
W+D high-performance full frame type GDZ-71 600 stroke, with saw tensioner Jansen, motor and suction
W+D riving knife with driven pressure rollers
W+D main roller conveyor 12.0 m long, with built-in raisable and lowerable cross transport
W+D roof chain cross transport
W+D ascending cross transport
Paul entrance roller table
Paul double hemmer type KME-2-R
Paul Spreissel separator
Board length sorting system 2.0 to 5.0 m

Impregnation tank 12.0 m long with hydraulic lifting frame

Power generation system 175kVA, 252A with Mercedes engine

Vollmer saw sharpening machine Cne
Meinert setting apparatus

Used machine: Gang Saw system
Construction year:
Manufacturer: W+D