When the wood is planed, the costs is reduced

The planing and moulding machines from VKM

Planing and gouging on two to four sides – in just one pass. This is the way to work!

The use of the planer and moulder machine is conceivable almost everywhere: In the joinery, in the sawmill, on a farm with forestry, as well as in industry and construction. This is because the size and weight of the machine allow it to be quickly positioned in new locations. With its non-oxidizable surface, it can also be installed outdoors. A true performer.

Planer, moulder, … superior machine!


The planers and moulders are available in several, different versions: The model for two-sided processing brings the top and bottom into shape. he extended version equal to all four sides. A special machine model comes with a smart tool holder: its spindle axis can be swiveled by 270° and can also be adjusted in height and depth.

Due to its intelligent design, the four-sided planer can be used for the production of wooden slats, beams and profiles for the manufacture of entire log houses. In the case of machining on all sides, the maximum working space is 350 mm in width and 10-130 mm in height.

The models are configurable for a wide variation of standard knives. The supplier system also offers an advantage with very resinous wood, as well as wood with high moisture content.

Each spindle shaft is driven by its own motor, reaching a remarkable power of 5.5 kW.

6,000 rpm spindle shaft speed and 5 feed shafts distributed over the entire machine position ensure powerful throughput.

With a feed rate of 60 meters/minute, production hardly comes to a standstill. However, should something happen, a mold change in under 20 minutes is a time-efficient option. Perfect, therefore, to quickly deliver necessary building materials in the desired top quality, depending on your needs.

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