The moulding machine is available in different aplications. It is possible to get the machine just wirking on two sides, like from above and below, from two sides with a corner of 90°, or from four sides. In addition  a fifth axe can be added . This additional spindle axe can be turnmed by 270° and can be adjusted inheight.

The four side moulding machine can be used for productionof timber slats, for wooden beams, and different profiles for wooden houses.

Design parameters

  • Four side operation with maximum width of 350 mm and hight adjustment between 10 to130 mm
  • Each spindle is driven by a seperate motor with maximum power of 5,5 kW
  • Speed of spindle shaft 6000 rpm
  • 5 feeding shafts
  • Maximum feed speed  60 m/min
  • Change of  tools within 20 min
  • Options for different applications