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Crosscut saws, cut-off saws and multirip saws from Wravor


Crosscut saws

Crosscut saws are a type of circular saws that can be used to make precise crosscuts or miter cuts. The crosscut saw can be used in various fields and, accordingly, is of elementary importance in many woodworking operations.

In addition to cutting and shortening wooden boards, firewood or baseboards, clean edges, angles and precise corners on wooden boards can be accomplished. This makes the crosscut saw from Wravor ideally suited for furniture making, timber construction and all types of carpentry. In addition, there is a quick assembly and lightweight design, which allows for quick set-up in many locations.



Cut-off saws

Due to their tooth shape, cut-off saws are primarily suitable for making long cuts in the direction of the grain or for cutting boards in half lengthwise (ripping). In principle, it is also suitable to remove the bark from the outside of the board and create a straight edge.

The teeth of the cut-off saw are set, the saw cut is wider than the blade thickness. Due to its design, the saw dips effortlessly into the wood surface. Therefore, the cut-off saw does not stick in the wood even during long cuts. Wravor’s cut-off saws are therefore ideal for processing a large quantity of weak wood quickly and cleanly.


Crosscut saw Longitudinal cutting saw
700A 700B 800A 800B 500/500S
Cutting width (length) mm 900 1000 700 800 6200
Cutting height mm 100 150 100 100
Drive motor kW 3/5,5 6 6 9,2/11 7,5/9,5
Circular saw blade diameter 400 500 400 550 350


Multirip saws

The multirip saw (multi-blade saw) is a form of circular saw consisting of several sawing units connected in parallel, the spacing of which can be precisely controlled. This arrangement allows large workpieces to be cut into boards, beams or profiled timber in just one clamping operation.

Wravor’s multirip saws are characterized by robustness and durability. The various types differ in their cutting height and feed speed, covering a wide range of wood processing requirements.



750 20-100 750 20-120 750 20-160 750 40-200 750 40-250
Cutting width max. mm 600 900/1000 900/1000/1250 800/900/1000 600/700
Cutting thickness mm 20 – 100 20 – 120 20 – 160 20 -200 40 – 250
Number of circular saw blades max. 4 8 10 10 + 10 10+10
Number of movable circular saw blades max. 1
Main motor kW 22 20/30/37 30/37/45/55 37/45/55 2 x 45/55/75
Diameter circular saw blade max. mm 350 400 500 400 450


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