The rounding machines in design are based on former Oswald princip with a lot of new features. The machines are build modular und can be delivered in different sizes and  with different options. The machine is available as single head or double head machine. Depending on the number of heads the machine can work up to 35 m/min, with speed control system even higher. The machines are available as model series with a total range from 30 up to 400 mm.

RM 30 – 120, RM 40 – 160, RM 80 – 200, RM 100 – 300, RM 160 – 350, RM 160 – 400

The rounding machines haf a lot of new features. All feed wheel pairs are opening and closed by valve cluster no mechanical dimension adjustment is needed. The rounding machine control is done by movable switch cabinet and control box  for pressure regulation of segments of fedd rollers. The motors will be start by softstarter. For smoother surface condition or faster feed speed the machining heads are turning with higher speed. A control system is available for automatic speed control, depending on differenc between final log size and incomming log dimension. For save operation all doors are secured with electrical holder. To open the door the machine has to be stopped. This is needed to fulfill the high expectation of the the machine safety for secure operation.