Strict solutions – with machines from Wravor and know-how from VKM

We offer machines for mobile and stationary sawmill technology for home and abroad.

The satisfactory result is always optimal processing of roundwood into sawn timber. In practice, however, this simple-sounding process places the highest demands on the machines in daily use in the form of the wooden starting material.

This is because tree trunks naturally vary in diameter, length, growth, percentage of defects, and their general moisture content.

The following minimum requirements are also always placed on the goods to be produced: the cross-section dimensions must be within a certain tolerance.

Only a precise sawing process allows the desired planks, beams, boards, squared timber, battens and sawn goods to be cut and milled cleanly and with consistent quality from the round timber shapes that grow irregularly in nature.

Depending on the type of wood, operating sequence and machine activity, the given task can be solved in different ways.

For the appropriate sawmill technology, horizontal log band saws, multi-blade saws, cross-cut saws, debarkers, root reducers, conveyor systems, sorting systems and complete plants are completely designed, supplied and installed by VKM according to all customer requirements. Sawing can be this carefree!


Band Saw Horizontal

Band saw veneers

Root reducer – debarker

Multi-blade saw


Transport systems

Grinding machine