MAny machines and complete lines are in operation for more than 10 years . Manually the equipment is working well Mostlikly the electrical equipment and the PLC is still in operation and looks well. Spare parts for PLC vould cause problems.

This situation is a high risc potential for the reliability of operation. A defect in this electrical system can cause to long shut down times with loss of production.

VKM offers beside mechanical spare parts refubishment of the electrical system and upgrade of the control system. Depending on the condition of the equipment from VKM offers new control system up to switch cabinet including sensors and if necesarry cabling.

With this upgrade the equipment is prepared for long time with high relaibility. On the new equipment spare parts are available if needed within short time.

The advantage by working with VKM is our knowleg in wood working process and the know how of best specific sensors for the application.