CNC 5000, 3 Axis Machining Center

The CNC 5000 Nesting 3 axis machining center is designed in a compact design.

It is designed for universal use from single-part production to series production. The “Gantry” design – Portal is driven in the x- direction on both sides – guarantees the highest accuracy at the highest speed, even at the highest travel speeds.

The machining centre offers you

  • Proven standardized industrial control
  • Byto the standard G-code programming of the CNC 5000, most 2D and 3D CAD CAM software packages can be used
  • Digital servo amplifiers increase efficiency and less vibration
  • The table is divided into 8 sections, each section is controlled by its own valve, in each section there are 8 vaccinator suction cups
  • Stable editing portal
  • Connection for PC and CAM software
  • Custom adaptations such as tools

Technical Details

Work area
x-axis 2500 mm
y-axis 1300 mm
z-axis 200 mm

Travel speeds
x-axis 60m/min
y-axis 20m/min
z-axis 15m/min

Milling spindle
Drive power 6 kW
speed 18000rpm
Tool holder tool changer ISO30 or HSK63


Vacuum cups
If required, vacuum cups can be placed freely on the table, and the vacuum cups are controlled via two connections. One valve ensures that the vacuum cups hold firmly to the table top, the second valve fixes the workpiece. The vacuum cups are equipped with their own stop suction cups for precise positioning of the workpiece. Up to 30 vacuum cups can be connected as standard.

Multiple boring head
The multiple boring head can be designed as standard for 2 to 9 holes simultaneously

Angular head
With the angle head, bores can be drilled in the x and y directions despite 3 axis machining center.