Four-sided planing machine for all-sided machining, planing.

Technical description
Working width 220 mm

Working height 120 mm

motor per spindle 5,5 kW, the 4th spindle 7,5 kW

Feed motor 4,0 kW

Spindle speed 6000 rpm

Spindle diameter 40 mm Germany

Feed speed 6 – 36 m/min

Feed roller diameter 140 mm

Width of the feed rollers 2 x 50 mm

Spindle arrangement: 1st spindle under the table (dresser), 2nd spindle right, 3rd spindle left, 4th spindle top, 5th spindle bottom

Second-hand machine: Winig Unimat 22 E
Year of construction: 1990
Manufacturer: Weinig

Installation location: Germany

Price: Price on request

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